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Learn2Salsa - Rhythm DivasMambo World Champion Jami Josephson directs the Rhythm Divas to the troupe's many performances throughout the United States and around the world. The Rhythm Divas have been on the circuit since 2000. The dance numbers performed by the Divas consists solely of "shines" (patterned footwork particular to Mambo and Cha-Cha) to "Palladium Style" rhythms, African infused drumming, and a powerful New York Mambo style mixed with a little Ballroom and Jazz. We have several routines in our repertoire, "The Salsa Mix" - Strictly Salsa, "I Like It Like That" - Cha-Cha/Hip-Hop, "Malaguana"- Mambo/Flamenco, "Air-rotica" - Mambo Jazz and a sexy ChaCha called "The Burlesque Cha" and our new routine "Housewives of Salsa" (Chacha to Annie Lennox). Some of the Divas past performances have been at LA's Salsa Congress's, Chicago's Salsa Congress, NY's Mambo Showdown, European Salsa Festival in Amsterdam, Disco America's Hustle Championships, IHSC in Miami (7Yrs), NY Salsa Congress, Hustle USA, Italy and the UK and much more.

Director - JAMI JOSEPHSON, The many-time Latin Dance Champion diva has choreography credits on Broadway and beyond. Josephson claims the troupe to be a "long-awaited dream of hers"!

The Divas started in October 2000 in Miami. Now living back in NYC since 2002, Jami now has an all female troupe here in New York. Bringing together great female dancers from NYC, our group has consisted of: Loriann Greenhouse, Lori Colon, Kimberley Riveria, Duplessey Walker, Lia Danelle, Maria Tirado, Maribel Maldonado, Candy Mena, Stracy Diaz, Diana Nunez... and some of our past divas were: Miryam Rojas, Araceli Marquez, Lacresha Hall, Debra Saldano, Karen Abincer, Sophia Rodas, Diana Dieppa, Frauke Haas, Giovanna, Anna, Leilach, Lourdas, MAUI, Sulanny, Lissa Benton, Joy Prentise, and Ketty. And welcomes new divas; Cecilia Williams, Danette Rodriguez, Marylou Martinez, Maritza Diaz, Missy Jayme, Hossy Habashzada, and Cynthia La China!  Jami is always looking for more girls to audition... please contact her for more info.

Josephson's future plans for the Divas include a varied repertoire consisting of all styles of dance with salsa. With over 50 performances throughout the U.S. and several overseas, we hope to perform in every salsa scene around -- for fun!!!

For Shows and Bookings: Call Toll Free 1-877-98-DANCE


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